Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The 4.1 Post

Patch 4.1 is upon us, the PTR is down and everyone is finalizing stuff. I was going to write a loot guide, but handily Wowhead have done it for me. Check out their blog post with all the new loot, Closing the Gap: A Guide to Gearing up in 4.1.

The summary is there is phat epics in the new Troll instances, Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman, at item level 353. These new items are generally not as good as raid or reputation epics, but with the right stats they sure beat the 346 items you get from the old heroics and Justice Points. I for one will be in the new instances, trying to grab what I can. You do need an average item level of 346 or higher to get into one of the new instances, which is pretty much full heroic gear or maybe some reputation epics to compensate for some 333 items, so there's no "free" loot here for a fresh level 85.

There is also a new Call To Arms feature in the Dungeon Finder, which has caused heated debate in the blogosphere, although I won't be using it, unless I fancy some top "fun".

Onto the changes to the Druid class, the feral stuff specifically. Look, peoples have already talked about this stuff:
My top picks includes Skull Bash never missing (yay), Savage Defense being tweaked to hopefully work better, and Swipe being on a 3 second for some actual AOE threat (I generally always loose against DKs and Paladins).

Fun times ahead... if the combination of Blizzard, Telia and Virgin Media fix the horrendous latency and lag spike issues I've been having recently.

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