Friday, 3 June 2011

The BoomKek post

Due to a comical lack of ranged DPS in our most recent raid, I am considering going Moonkin for my DPS off-spec. Why comical? Before the split, our guild was swimming with ranged DPS and now we have very little. Why me? Because of the unique way of the Druid, we can of course do everything, so I thought "why not, I can be ranged DPS, why not try it?". Horrible death, incompetence and general utter bad DPS are some potential answers, but let us ignore those for now.

So where should a budding Moonkin go look for answers? Firstly, there is the Gray Matter blog, specifically his Moonkin Raid Guide. Then there is a guide on Elitist Jerks, updated for 4.1. Wow Insider have many guides for Balance druids, including raiding guides, but also running heroics guides. Best of all is their pre-raid gear guide which is pretty much what gear I need to grab. Luckily my awesome reputations carry over to the new spec, apart from those Ramkahen dudes (really need to get them maxed), but then they have nothing for moonkins.

I had a weapon I saved from the Crucible of Carnage. From reputations, I managed to grab:

Diamants Ring of Temperance
Yellow Smoke Pendant
Cloak of Ancient Wisdom
Aessina-Blessed Gloves
Withered Dream Belt
Band of Lamentation

To fill some slows, I also bought these 333 items from factions:

Vision-Tainted Treads
Spaulders of the Endless Plains

Unfortunately, this leaves me a few slots entirely empty. Helm, Wrist, Chest, Trinket and Relic are all empty. I can get a crafted Relic and spring for a crafted chest. The helm and wrist will have to be Justice Point purchases, unless I get a PvP item for the helm.

So off to normals and heroics it is!

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