Saturday, 16 April 2011

Massive guild drama inc!

I was going to make a post about soloing Zul'Aman, but as I was killing the eagle boss, some quite massive guild drama erupted.

The usual stuff happened, someone posted a big wall of text in guild chat, saying how they have decided to leave and due to some circumstance they won't go into, but will refer to anyway, they are off. Then a gquit happens. Usual MO, except this time it was the Guild Master! A forum post went up at the same time. It turns out the GM is not happy with our raid progress and so is off with some officers and friends in guild to form a new guild, to raid on what appears to be much the same casual basis as ours, but with a cherry-picked set of people, and the expectation of better raid progress. Which, by our current progress or lack thereof, means they need to kill the Ascendant Council and the 3 end bosses on tier 11. Now given we had only our 2nd night of tries on the council, and ended on 2 0.5% wipes, I thought that we were making pretty reasonable progress. Those end bosses are hard, but in a week or two we would have just have them left. So with 4.1 dropping and the epics from the new Heroics, we might have a better chance at the end bosses.

However, I don't see what happens in officers, so maybe loads of drama was brewing there. I don't want to see either, ignorance of that shit is bliss, been there, done the officer thing. There had been an incident a few months back where one of the officers almost left because our raid focus was lacking, but was persuaded to stay somehow. I suspect that "somehow" was by promising better progress, and when it didn't materialize in time, he wanted to leave.

Their new guild has a strange new raiding strategy, of a fixed raid team who raids once per week, for progress, and teamwork where people farm flask and food for the team. I can't say I wasn't tempted, as I do love to raid, but this farming part puts me off. Farming for myself is very boring, never mind others. It's all very idealistic to think that people playing in a virtual world will be selfless and self-sacrificing for others, but I sure as hell am not. I suspect others won't be happy to have to farm the mats for someone else's flasks, and that might be the cause of some friction. Plus what happens when a member of the fixed team is on holidays, or out drinking, or something else, do you rely on other members to have an alt to fill the gap, or someone who never gets to raid usually (because they are not on the fixed team) to want to come along and save your  bacon? Again, this is expecting high selflessness from people, and I don't see massive evidence of that in WoW.

So thanks for all the fish, but no thanks guys. I'm going to stay put and see how the land lies when the dust settles. We might need a few healers and tanks and even DPS, so raids might be short in the ground for a while. Still, I've been neglecting my Death Knight a lot recently, so this is a chance to get my DK back on.


  1. Ugh that blows.

    About 6 months before Cata my guild decided to server transfer to a higher population server because "You can't have a serious raid guild on Farstriders" They thought with all the advanced raid guilds and larger population raiding would be better on a higher pop server.

    Within 3 months the transfer guild fell apart, a lot of the members came back and friendships were destroyed (as well as a number of $25 server transfer fees)

    I found a new casual guild on the same server, tons of great people we run 2-3 raid groups per week at different levels of progression.

    We all have fun and we get to do the raids we want.

  2. Yeah we had our last raid last night, and it was quite a sad affair, a bit like the last days of school, before everyone goes off to do whatever in the wider world.

    I still haven't decided what to do, whether to look for a casual raiding guild, go with the devil I know, or stay put and see if my guild can recruit more bodies.

    They reckon in patch 4.1 with the new guild recruitment tool, it will be easier to recruit, but also I reckon a lot of guilds will be advertising on there.

    Still, I am tempted to sit it out here and put some low level toon as a social member in The Others' guild. But then, some of my RL friends are in there, so I can just get the low down from them.