Saturday, 15 January 2011

An open letter to Hellscream's Reach

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An open letter to Hellscream's Reach

Dear Warchief Hellscream,

I must strongly object to your treatment of my loyalty toward your Hellscream's Reach faction. I have diligently done as they asked, killed prisoners, ghosts and demons, tried to keep the unending wave of Crocolisks away from Baradin Hold, tried valiantly to keep a giant Etin from crushing you all. I have pandered to your men's fear of giant sharks, undead pirates and their captain, all in the glorious name of Hellscream. I have even kept the pesky Alliance from taking Tol Barad, despite my utter dislike for player versus player.

When I was finally appreciated, nay revered, by your Reach, your quartermaster offered me some wonderful rewards for my actions. I reached forth to grasp Spear of Trailing Shadows with both my furry paws, I was cruelly denied. What had I, revered hero of Hellscream's Reach, done to deserve this?

Why even though I am qualified to purchase items, I had not gotten enough commendations with which to purchase such items. Why why do you insist of this treatment of your loyal servants? The Guardians of Hyjal merely ask for coin in exchange for their rewards, even the horrible Sons of Hodir, once exalted, would hand over their precious shoulder inscriptions for gold.

No, the Hellscream's Reach faction, sir, is rotten to the core. You have no tabard and will accept no dungeon championing. You taunt us with rewards which we cannot purchase even when we reach the correct reputation. Then you insist we continue to perform your tasks just for the right to purchase your rewards. I thought the Sons of Hodir were unutterably appalling, but with Hellscream's Reach, I have found a new low.

Good day, sir.

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