Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Daily dalliance with factions

Sometimes it seems the World of Warcraft is entirely random and arbitary, however last night I came to the realization that a pretty essential set of dailies fit exactly into the 25 daily quest limit.

Cooking Daily
As awarded in Orgrimmar, I am doing the cooking daily to get the recipe for Skewered Eel, having did the daily to get recipes to skill up cooking. Our guild advises raiders to have max level fishing and cooking for the feasts and our own personal buff food.

Total 1 daily quest.

Tol Barad Peninsula Dailies
The Tol Barad Peninsula is the PvE zone just above the Tol Barad warzone, and offers a set of dailies for repping up with Hellscream's Reach. This faction is good because at revered there is the Spear of Trailing Shadows and at exalted Mirror of Broken Images.

There are 6 daily quests here which are somewhat random but stay fixed during one day. The total is now 7 daily quests.

Tol Barad
If your faction controls Tol Barad, you get another set of 6 daily quests for Hellscream's Reach. 3 of these are random but appear to change for every victory, so in one day it is possible to complete the 3 fixed plus 3 sets of 3 random ones, for 12 total from the Tol Barad area. Of course your faction must win each time and you need to be lucky with the random quests.

Assuming you just visited when your faction held Tol Barad, that's another 6 daily quests. This bumps the total up to 13 daily quests.

The Therazane faction in Deepholm offer 6 dailies below revered and 1 extra at revered. Therazane have the shoulder inscriptions at exalted so I am grinding their reputation a bit. Even though they have tabard (but no guild bank), other factions have better items so I am just doing Therazane dailies.

The 7 Therazane dailies bumps our total up to 20.

Dragonmaw Clan
This clan out in Twilight Highlands have Liar's Handwraps at exalted, but nothing at revered for ferals, so I am grinding their rep using dailies at the moment. There are 5 daily quests for these guys which are entirely fixed.

Doing the 5 Dragonmaw Clan dailies takes the total up to 25, which is usefully the daily quest cap.

Capped Daily, and Often
Now I am also after Earthern Ring reputation for Softwind Cape and Signet of the Elder Council, but I don't think there are any ER dailies.

It might be possible to get more Tol Barad dailies and drop some of the other ones. Given that our weapon options are Darkling Staff from Stonecore Heroic and Seliza's Spear from Lost City Heroic, I am prioritizing Hellscream's Reach grinding at the moment.

There are a lot of dailies to grind at this point, hitting the 25 cap and having more factions I want rep with is quite something. Still, at least the dailies I want to do fit, and there is a random element to some of the quests, so it isn't quite as boring as the Isle of Quel'Danas used to be.

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