Thursday, 12 November 2009

Epic flight form quest - not so hard

I don't know if I was doing it wrong, but the three fights in the epic flight form quest didn't seem that hard. Firstly the bear one was over before it had even begun, I guess the advantage of having a hybrid feral tanking/DPS build was high survivability. The cat fight didn't last long either, although I popped Berserk and a trinket. Still...

The caster fight was the interesting one. As a fully feral geared druid Mutio had no spell power and no mana pool at all, but I had a go. No boomkin form either, I did it all in caster form. My tactic was to simply use roots to keep the mob at a distance, keep the moonfire DoT up, keep Abolish Poison up, decurse when I got cursed, then just nuke him with starfire. Amazingly it worked fine, I had to self-heal a few times but he was kept rooted, I backed off a large distance so when the roots broke I had time to re-root. I also ran out of mana almost, but just used Innervate and I was back to full.

I suspect that anyone who did this in boomkin form when you couldn't decurse and can't heal would have serious issues, the trick (if there is one) seems to do it in caster form where you can decurse and self-heal.

Next stop a lot of Lower City grinding for my heroic key!

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