Thursday, 26 November 2009

Druid cat "stealth" bar

So it seems cats 4 teh fite don't get a stealth bar, whereas rogues get a little bar which replaces their non-stealth bar, when they stealth. I read a bit on The Bear Flank about this and came up with some slightly altered macros, both I drop onto my cat bar:

/cast [nostealth] Mangle (Cat)
/cast [stealth] Pounce
This casts Mangle if not stealthed, otherwise Pounce.

/cast [nostealth] Rip
/cast [stealth] Ravage
This cast Rip if not stealthed, otherwise... Ravage!

So far so good. Now in 3.2 it seems that when not stealthed, the icons for the macros are those for Mangle and Rip. But when I enter stealth, the icons change to those for Pounce and Ravage. Bonus!

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