Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Way of the Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... I got to max level and then got bored.

It wasn't that Star Wars The Old Republic was bad as such, it was just a bit of a WoW clone. Sure, the class missions were awesome fun, but the endgame was dungeons for story and gear, then raiding bosses in instances with a load of trash for gear. Sounds familiar...


Thus it was at the time of WoW Mists of Pandaria that I reactivated my account and Mutio rode again. Or did he? Having tanked up the raids in Cataclysm and thoroughly enjoyed them, I found myself coming back guildless and so joined a new guild make up of friends and ex-players from my old guild. Alas the new guild was somewhat more hardcore than Elder Brethren, and so I joined the ranks of casual members and made my own way through the content. Welcome to casual city; inhabitants: you.

But I wasn't entirely unhappy with my lot. You see, the introduction of the Raid Finder in Cataclysm means even an unprepared casual player such as myself can queue up and muddle through the encounters. But as tank? Yeah right. Grabbing the awesome flexibility of the Druid, I flipped over to running as ranged DPS in lazer chicken mode in secondary spec. Which erm, quickly became primary spec, although I still tanked a few dungeons.

So Mutio raid findered his way through all the tiers, ground his way through the dailies, sat at the back of the dungeons while the other players argued about who caused what wipe, and who isn't doing enough DPS. Once the raids were cleared, the subscription was canceled and I went off to work on that Steam game pile of shame (80-odd and counting, most never played).


Then glorious Warlords hit, and I gladly re-subscribed to get my fix once again. Except this time I find Mutio grounded, unable to quick shift to flight form, bound to the ground for most of the bloody expansion. This did not sit well with a druid.

At least I started when the expansion hit, so I could do the content when it was relevant. Eventually I got geared up through random dungeons and the drops from the follower missions, then the raid finder accepted me and I started getting drops. Pretty soon the last patch dropped and the horrible grinding to get flying began, plus grinding to get to the end of the raids.

Finally however I got that flying skill, but given I'd completed the raids and the dailies to get flying, that was pretty much game over for me. So again I cancelled my subscription and sat waiting for the next expansion.


Now Legion has pre-orders up, I have made my order and I await impatiently the release of the latest expansion. What is the plan? Probably to go and laser chicken through the content, grind up the grindables for gear, do the follower/NPC/whatever missions they add for more gear, then hit the raid finder and dailies for each content patch. Until the end boss lies dead, cheesed in the raid finder!

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