Thursday, 1 September 2011

Ghostcrawler on Tank Active Mitigation

Here we have a post by Ghostcrawler on Tanking and active mitigation, with some ideas of how they might go about making us press more buttons.

They have noticed that now tanks don't need to spam buttons to generate threat, we can actually take it easy and concentrate more on keeping defensive buffs up. I can now concentrate on keep my Demo Roar up and Pulverize buffs up, and not bother using Thrash for threat, saving the rage and GCD for other things. I can take this time to look around at what is going on, instead of spamming buttons, and plan where I might kite to, or watch or adds, or other tanky things. This is good, and I like having the time to consider the environment and the current fight.

GC discusses the three models, which are "Tank DPS matters", "DPS buttons provide mitigation" and "DPS buttons build up resources", where they will make us again press lots of buttons. I quite like "DPS buttons build up resources", where you build up some resource and can choose to spend it when you need it. I think of Lacerate building up stacks now, but instead of Pulverize increasing the chance of a random shield, it actually generating the shield right there. That would be pretty cool, as there are definitely times in a fight I could do with more mitigation.

I can't help remembering the last time the water cooler was posted, some changes were made almost immediately. I think in this case the changes will be in 4.3, so we won't suddenly have a different way of going about tanking. Hopefully.

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