Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tier 11 to give valor points (again)

In a surprising change to their ill-conceived move to Tier 12, Blizzard have today decided to hotfix Tier 11 normal bosses to drop some Valor points.

Realising that getting 10 raiders together, explaining complex tactics, and getting a boss killed is way more difficult that just running an easy heroic using the Dungeon Finder, and should have at least equivalent rewards, Blizzard have made all Tier 11 bosses drop 35 Valor Points on normal:
Due to some recent player feedback we’ve made the decision to implement a hotfix that will put Valor Points back on the bosses in Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, and Throne of the Four Winds (except Argoloth).

We agreed that players should have some additional options for earning Valor Points beyond Firelands, Zandalari dungeons, and tier 11 Heroic difficulty raids. We don’t want raiding guilds to feel like they have to raid Firelands AND the old raids every week, but we do want players to feel like they have some options besides running ZA/ZG over and over.

Bosses in these raids will award 35 VP on 10-player normal difficulty, and 45 VP on 25-player normal difficulty, to match the rewards currently offered for the Heroic versions of those encounters.

This change should be live within the next few hours.

For raiding guild who have gotten utterly cock-blocked in Firelands (such as ourselves), this is a nice change. We are capable of doing Tier 11 bosses, even before their massive nerf. As Blizzard seem to be saying we need to grind Valor like mad to buy some 378 epics before we have a chance of downing anything in Firelands, mainly because there isn't enough content there to give us an "easy" starter boss or two, letting our raiding guild actually raid to get items is a nice approach.

It is just a pity they didn't think through Valor points in Tier 12, and had to learn the hard way that people really don't want run over-long troll heroics just to cap their valor each week.

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