Friday, 8 July 2011

Archaeology mods

A commenter asked what mod I was using on my recent post on Archaeology.

I tend to use two, Archaeology Helper and Archy - Archaeology Assistant. Both of these mods have yet to be updated to 4.2, but by loading them as out of date (or hacking the .toc file), they still seem to work fine. I have recently picked up ArchDB as well.

Archy - Archaeology Assistant
This mod does a few things. It shows two windows on the UI; one shows your current projects for the continent, the other current digsites (ordered by distance).

Here you see Archy showing me I can solve my Night Elf project, that I have rares for Dwarf and Fossil, and the progress of my other projects. I could click the icon to the right of the Night Elf project to solve, or put some key stones into my Dwarf project from this panel.

On the right, the dig sites panel shows me which one is closest and what sort they are. This is very handy for keeping an eye out for Uldum dig sites.

Finally, Archy has TomTom integration, so will pop up an arrow like you see here, to show the direction of the next site. This is really handy for setting off flying in one direction and adjusting your heading slightly when you go off course. While you're flying you can surf the web or whatever. When you get to the dig site, Archy will make a pinging noise, so you can switch back and get digging.

Archy will also put little circles on your minimap showing where you have previous gotten fragments from, colour coded depending on their distance from you. When flying into a dig site, it doesn't hurt to land where a fragment was found and dig there.

Archaeology Helper
This mod helps when digging at a site. Much like SAL, it shows a small control which lets you mark that a fragment is red, yellow or green distance from you at your current heading.

The shovel icon can be clicked to survey. After the survey, you face the direction of the indicator, then click the round button for the colour. This will draw a zone on the screen, showing you where the fragment will be. Simply fly into it, dig again and continue.

Here I have gotten a yellow light, then a green light, and clicked the appropriate buttons. So on the screen I can see the fragment will be somewhere where the yellow and green areas overlap.

For digging at sites, Archaeology Helper is very useful.

Arch DB shows you a list of all Archaeology projects possible, and which ones you have not got yet. It is very useful when grinding, to know when you have gotten all the rares for a certain race, as well as which rares you might be after.

Here ArchDB is showing me the Tol'vir projects I've yet to complete, so I know there is still some cool stuff to get.

If I switched to Night Elf, it would show that I have solved all the rare and common projects. This should mean, since patch 4.1, that Night Elf sites come up less regularly than other sites. I haven't seen this in evidence, but that's what the patch notes claim anyway.

So there you have it, these 3 are the Archaeology mods I use to get my Professor grind on.

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