Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Why Archeology is like downing a raid boss

Bear with me on this one.

At the initial levels, Archaeology is a terrible grind, flying around dig sites to gather fragments for some grey vendor trash. That is, until you get your first rare project.

Suddenly there is a rare or epic item in the Archaeology UI, begging you to just collect 100 or 150 items, then it will be yours. At lower levels these items are purely cosmetic: turn you into a Naga, a skeleton raptor mount, a pterrodon pet. However at Archaeology 525 these items can be epics like a ring or a staff, actual useful items.

Remember the feeling when a raid boss has died and you're waiting for the loot to be announced? Will it be this item I'm after? That's how I feel when I solve a grey Archaeology project. Will it be the epic 2 handed mace? Or the spell power staff I'm after?

It's usually neither, but then I still haven't got the tanking trinket from Magmaw. Still, the thrill of anticipation is there. In 4.1 Wow changed so if you solve all the rare projects for one race, that race should not appear as a dig site as often. This should make grinding easier.

In other ways Archaeology is different to a loot drop. If your epic drops and you win the roll, it's yours. If you get the Staff of the Ammunae Sorcerer as a project, you have to grind 150 tol'vir fragments, which is a serious grind and will involve doing Night Elf, Dwarf and Troll sites just to clear them!

Still, the thrill of knowing a useful epic will be yours, that thrill is present even in Archaeology. Just don't do it unless you're watching TV at the same time. Unlike raiding. No one would raid and watch TV, that's crazy ;)

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