Saturday, 9 April 2011

Df tanking - its not you, it's me (and my dislike of you)

So blizzard are attempting to fix the long dungeon finder wait for people, by a cunning incentive system for the role which is needed most. I guess it's good they are trying to fix the issue, but will it work?

Just how much gold is in that bag you get for answering the call to random? Enough to cover a wipe or two when a party member just can't wait, or won't CC even though you really need to (especially with Druid tank AOE threat)? Enough to buy your way to epics, which everyone you party with in the DF assume you already have (you've been running heroics since the first week, right? Right)? Enough to pay to somehow learn all the boss strats so you know exactly what to do, first time you get The Stonecore? Enough to make up for the Party all quitting because you made 2 mistakes and wiped the group?

These are some of the problems the contents of the reward bag will not fix.

How about a budding tank starts on normals, to get some practise in? Let's hope you don't get my first Lost City group, who thought crowd controlling anything was unnecessary "it's just a normal". Ok, let's practise in a normal and do the same thing in a heroic. Why am I dead using no CC? Don't I already have all the gear I'm in here to get? How about the boss strats tho, at least you can learn them in normals, right? Unless it's The Stonecore or some other instance where heroic means different fight.

BBB is right, I won't pimp myself out for quicker queues now, and I sure won't pimp myself out for 30 gold and maybe some items I could grind myself.

Only once we are in Tier 12 or 13 and facerolling the heroics will I even consider queuing as a tank. Until then, ill be a patient Dps or tank for the guild.

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