Saturday, 26 March 2011

Is the end of Heroics CC in sight?

Last night I ran Blackrock Caverns in a mostly guild group of Shaman, Paladin, Mage, Boomkin and myself as the furry bear tank. Despite having a fair amount of crowd control available, I found that more often than not, we just CCed one of the mobs and I would tank the rest, on pulls of up to 5. Despite the group being in a mixture of half heroic gear and half reputation epics, the pulls all went well.

Now, the first time I tanked a heroic I had to use all the crowd control available, I even had to CC some mobs myself, I was only wanting to take two mobs max at once. In other runs I've been DPS on, the tank has not CCed anything, although I put that down to them being a paladin and having the AOE threat to pull it off. Now I am thinking when I get full 359 epics (and a swipe on a 3 second cooldown), I will be able to tank everything in a mob pack and just mark up a skull and cross.

I'm somewhat surprised that we can dispense with crowd control in Heroics in the first tier of the expansion, I thought it would take until the Firelands raid hit.

I am still having to work to hold threat on well geared DPS when we are on a single target, not sure how it will go with AOE tanking. Perhaps along with their plan to nerf content, Blizzard will also buff AOE threat moves to keep up.

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  1. I recently got my Pally to 85 and just managed to get the ilvl to run random heroics.

    I find people are already impatient with CC, Despite the fact that some of the plate wearing DPS will have more HP than me.

    I find I am already spamming HoTR, consecrate and Avengers Shield whenever it procs.

    I feel bad for the heals sometimes because I know they are in a panic to keep me up.