Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Gearing through dungeons?

So my original plan was to run dungeons and get gear and XP from them, thus getting some practice in at tanking and hopefully getting some nice blues. However, it occurred to me that not every slot can be filled from the first two instances (Blackrock Caverns and Throne of the Tides). So which ones can?

Trinket (DPS)
Ring 1

Ring 2
Trinket 1

Now from a quest in Throne of the Tides, you can get a nice Chest piece. However you must do 140 quests in Vashjir first before the quest is unlocked, which is adverse to the plan of just running instances.

This means if all you did was run BRC and TotT, you would not upgrade these slots: Helm, Bracers, Waist, Feet, Gloves, Trinket 2, Weapon.

So the question is how to fill these slots? The first plan for the chest is to do Hyjal until I get Guardians of Hyjal Honoured, this unlocks the Sly Fox Jerkin which is a great piece, but can only be used at level 83, and indeed only purchased at 83. This isn't so much of an issue, because I don't plan on doing The Stonecore and The Vortex Pinnacle until 83 anyway.

For the weapon, I already have my eye on Blacksoul Polearm which is a quest reward from Deepholm, so I plan on questing in Deepholm from level 82 to get this. Actually the drop in the level 82-84 instances, the Darkling Staff, is not as good as this item, so it is well worth getting.

For a cloak, I have gotten a Cloak of Beasts from a Leatherworking guildie, again this is a level 83 item but is item level 333 so is ready for Heroics!

Then there are upgrades to be had by questing. A minor upgrade to the relic slot is had with the Inscription-crafted Runed Dragonscale, but a quest in Deepholm awards Relic of the Waywalker which is slightly better. Legs upgrades of Leggings of Fragmented Hope are had half way through Deepholm. Again a ring upgrade can be had in Deepholm. Deepholm is also the place where you unlock the Therazane reputation, by questing the entire zone, and they are needed for the shoulder inscriptions, so you will need to do Deepholm at some point.

So actually it turns out for level 80, running BRC and Throne of the Tides is not the best plan to gear up, and will leave a lot of slots empty. So I have now completed Deepholm and am at level 83. I now plan on running Vortex Pinnacle and Stonecore for some of the drops in there, which are:

Gloves of Haze (VP)
Heart of Thunder (VP)

Helm of Numberless Shadows (SC)
Leaden Despair (SC)
Pendant of the Lightless Grotto (SC)

Key to the Endless Chamber (SC) (DPS)

As it turns out, The Stonecore has a lot more items in it than Vortex Pinnacle, although I am sure most pre-heroic gearing items will come from the level 85 normal dungeons. Still, I have to be geared enough to get into those ones.

Then at level 84 I shall skip over to Twilight Highlands, which looks like it will have a lot of major blues, so I can get geared for heroics.

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