Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tanking... ICC things

It's amazing, but I have recently been tanking stuff in Icecrown Citadel. It all started with the guild "Noob" run, where alts are encouraged to raid in unfamiliar roles. I saw a chance and put my name down for tanking duties, and so managed to run ICC 10 and off tank the Lower Spire and Rotface and Festergut. To my surprise the experience was quite stress-free, the prime requirements seem to be to do the right thing in the fight, often this is simpler than what the DPS have to do, and of course have an appropriate level of gear.

Now the ICC 30% buff and the lack of the dodge debuff takes care of the gear, so my fairly item level 232 gear is good enough for ICC now.

I then signed up for another run as off tank, and then managed to do Professor Putricide as the Abom driver, lots of fun, plus the Blood Princes and Twilight Queen Lanathel. We ran out of time on Sindragosa.

This experience has made me a whole lot more positive about tanking stuff come Cataclysm, I can see that the gear requirements for raiding will be the major issue, whereas the tactics seem to be some taunt-swapping, a bit of movement and some cool-down use. However compared to the crazy dancing and target swapping I had to do as DPS, some of the fights as a tank are quite mundane (Blood Council) and some are a lot of fun (Gunship away tank).

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