Friday, 3 September 2010

Why is Cat DPS like John Madden?

All cats know DPS is like this chart sometimes, and the funniest part is the "John F**king Madden" part of the rotation. As something to shout out when asked about Cat DPS, it's funny, but as a non-American I wondered why is this phrase used?

I often mistakenly thought it was to do with the Madden NFL video game being fiendishly complex, much like Cat DPS. But no, I now realise this in incorrect.

According to Wikipedia John Madden was a famous American Football commentator, famous for his "lively and flamboyant delivery" and "his use of the telestrator, a device which allows him to superimpose his light-penned diagrams of football plays over video footage".

This telestrator device gave rise to such diagrams as these ones:

The complexity of the diagrams is a bit crazy and imagine someone drawing them real time. Even YouTube has a video of Madden drawing something NSFW. Thus I think the way one would illustrate how we bounce from one key to another during Cat DPS is ideally summarized by a drawing by John Madden. Plus it's really fun to shout it loud!

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