Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Druid soloing some of the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20)

I was bored last night, bored of the endless Trial Of The Champion runs to try to get Marrowstrike, bored of Eradic the Pure appearing instead of Paletress, bored of having to tank the Black Knight in cat spec because the tank wasn't defense capped/disconnected/died.

So instead of queuing for ToC, I went off to try to solo AQ20. Why? For this sweet enchant and also because Blizzard has said they will change AQ20 into a "ten man raid" of unknown level and thus fiddle with the loot table, potentially removing said enchant and some other nice ones too.

To make a raid, just get someone's alt into a party and convert to a raid, they can log off after and log onto their other toons and you are still good to enter a raid instance.

How did I do? I managed to get 4 of the 6 bosses dead - Kurinnaxx, General Rajaxx, Moam and Ossirian the Unscarred, the big kahuna. I failed at Buru the Gorger and ran out of time to try again, didn't even bother with Ayamiss the Hunter cos I read it can take 45 minutes to do it.

I first took a read on Wowhead to see how to deal with these giant bugs then had a crack in tanking spec with my scabby tanking gear, GS 4896. I cleared the rooms mostly as well, don't want any adds do we? I also have Essence of Gossamer which is really useful, often popping a shield these low level mobs barely scratch.

Giant bug, as Wowhead says, just move the guy around the sandpit he is in by slightly moving back, wait for him to move, repeat. This means some sand traps are never under you. He stacks a debuff which reduces healing but stupidly once it gets to 10 stack it falls off and starts again. So I just waited until the stacks were low, popped Frenzied Regen or Lifeblood and got my health back. Very easy but no formula.

General Rajaxx
Big erm dude of some sort. This is a sortof gauntlet event, in his room are groups of adds who come in waves. I started by pulling a group of adds and some friendly NPCs joined. No matter, they DPSed and I swiped away and killed each wave of adds until the big guy came.

Tanked him with my back against the wall as he does a knock back, wall means no flying bears. He also does some attack which takes 50% of your health, no matter what. So basically I waited until 50% of my health disappeared, then popped FR or Lifeblood or a Health Pot, once per 50% loss as he does it quite often. Improved Leader of the Pack did a good job of keeping me topped up otherwise.

Pretty easy with the NPCs doing DPS, no formula.

Giant winged egyptian thing. He drains mana and will explode if he hits full, sadly for him Bears have no mana that he can drain, so that part of the mechanic is nullified. Lol. I tanked him with myself up against the wall with the giant scarab. He turns to stone sometimes and summons adds which do only 1k arcane damage and can be swiped to death. Killed really easily and no formula.

Ossirian the Unscarred
The end boss. The room he is in has lots of patrolling big guys who summon 1 add at a time and sometimes drop meteors on you. I took all of these out first because the encounter means you are moving around the room a lot, and we don't want adds.

Ossy (as I shall call him) needs to be debuffed by pulling him next to little pyramid and stone arrangements which spawn around his room, one at once. The first one was right at the bottom of the staircase he is at the top of, and can be clicked in bear form and will pop a big crystal out of the ground and zap him. Then all I did was pan the camera around looking for the next pyramid formation and drag him over, several times I had to actually wander blindly and hope I came across one, but he isn't doing a lot of damage anyway. He will sometimes cyclone you, but if there is no one else there, he will just wait until you come out and continue to attack you.

Killed fairly easily, but do clear the trash first otherwise death is likely. No formula but a nice head which starts a lore-tastic quest.

It is probably doable to clear AQ20, but Buru the Gorger seems to need cat form and not messing up, and Ayamiss the Hunter can take an hour cos you have to ranged DPS him down to 70%, which as feral will be... painful.

The other 4 were pretty easy and I am confident I can have another crack at that formula drop.

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