Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Ding 80 now what?

I finally got Mutio to 80, so now what? I plan on following the various gear lists for starter Bears and get a few bits and pieces ready.

The last link intrigues me, as it outlines how to gem and enchant for good Cat DPS but also good tanking in Heroics and OTing. I may well be trying to do that.

However I won't be tanking in random heroics as everyone running them seems to expect tanks to be uber and stuff. Thus I shall go in as Cat DPS and try my hand in some guild runs, get some gear and then try some tankage. I may also queue as tank for normal instances while I quest & grind Champions Seals, for a laugh and practise in a (hopefully) safer environment.

Heroic UP went well as DPS, but Heroic Forge of Souls was a lot harder. I only do 1000 dps at the moment which is quite low for FoS (and low in general for overgearing the content), but I did swag a nice DPS trinket in FoS so can't complain.

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