Monday, 28 September 2009

Long Hard Trips for lowbie alts

My Druid is currently level 61. This is not quite 80, but I am already thinking of trying for the maddening Long, Strange, Hard, Trip achievement. The only issue is, that some of it requires a certain level to complete, and other things!

Brewfest - Level 75. This requires level 75 to summon Direbrew and probably 80 to pug him.

Hallows End - Level 70. Required level 70 to summon the Horseman, maybe 75 this year if they upgrade him too.

Winter's Veil - Level 68, cooking 325. For Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's you will need to be level 68 and have an alt to buy the Tome of Winter Flying, otherwise you can't get onto the Orgrims Hammer to do the mistletoe. Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la requires level 60 with flying skill AND to unlock the bombing runs, which requires doing the Blades Edge Ogre quest lines, so at level 60 you will need a group. The Winter Veil Gourmet requires cooking 325 because you must produce 3 different foods learnt from recipes. A Frosty Shake requires access to Dalaran but any level can go there!

Lunar Festival - Level 80. 80 is required to access Heroic Gundrak to visit the Elder near Eck. Level 68 with Tome of Flying is pretty much required to visit the Elders in Northrend safely, although you could corpse drag. Level 60 with flying is pretty much required to visit the Elders in Outlands. Sneaking into Alliance capitals at less than 80 is going to be hard too.

Fool for Love - Level 80. Level 70 is required to go to UK and farm the Prince for the Ebon Roses. I Pitied The Fool requires access to WG and Naxx, which requires level 80 for Naxx.

Children's Week - Level 75. Level 75 is required to enter UP to kill the King. Level 70 is required to enter AV to try for the tower capture. Being at max level in the bracket is advisable for the other BGs (and having XP on).

Midsummer - Level 55. Stealing flames from the enemy capitals will be hard if not level 80. Level 55 required to enter Slave Pens, however Ahune is level 73 so a twinking party is also needed. Access to Dalaran required for The Torch Juggler.

Noble Garden - No hard requirement. Level 45ish required to access Ungoro crater and Silithus in relative safety. Other than that, all action is in the starter zones.

So a few of them require level 80 unfortunately, starting at Lunar Festival, and several require 68 and 70.

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